Valentine’s Day Shipment

Grammy’s Cookie Convoy is on the move again. We are looking forward to another shipment of 5,000 “Valentine Hugs” to the troops.

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  1. Grammy’s Cookie Convoy,

    217TC thanks you for the generous and patriotic support of our unit. The Soldiers are enjoying the cookies tremendously. As I was passing them out Soldiers faces kinda of lit up…it was the middle of the afternoon; a waining point between lunch and dinner. Soldiers were hard at work. The Soldiers were commenting at how good and soft the packaged cookies were. After passing out 9 boxes worth to the the Soldiers in my unit and those adjacent to us, I decided to have a bite as well. Wow! what a cookie. A couple more boxes came in today and as they were brought to my office a trail of Soldiers followed…sir do you have anymore of those cookies? I passed out many more this afternoon to those hard at work at thier desks preparing for tommorows labors; many not often as recognized because thier business is done behind closed doors. Smile arose from them as well. I passed out many of the letters and fabric hearts as well to ensure the Soldiers understood that there was great patriotism behind your simple act. Many read the cards with genuine intentness; and were truely moved by the words of the volunteers and children that wrote them. We are honored to serve such a greatful nation. Thank you. CPT Josh Smith, Commanding

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